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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Emory University

My first travel visit of the spring semester, Emory University in Atlanta!

Our pick-up crew at the airport!

The executive recruitment board who we worked late hours with! They did a great job!

Mom and Daddy recommended that I eat at The Varsity. I didn't have the opportunity to go, but I did find the catering bus on campus!

Got stuck in Atlanta for an extra night due to flight trouble. I didn't have any luggage and the travel agents were very rude. Just when started to cry in the terminal, Katharine, another ELC called and said she was in the Atlanta airport stuck too!! We got to have a little sleepover at the La Quinta!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

fun fall activities!

So happy my parents came to Music City! Very blessed to show them Nashville.

Miss Christa came to Lubbock! So happy to see new friends in old places.
Of course, I made it to a Red Raider game when I visited West Texas! It was amazing to visit with friends! :)

Made another special trip to share Abby's initiation into Kappa Alpha Theta! Theta love!

World Series game 5!

Wicked is in Nashville so Katie and I took off a night of work to enjoy the show!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

The last couple of weeks, we have been promoting THINK THETA to the Belmont Campus! We have been working hard to recruit great women to be our colony members of our new Kappa Alpha Theta chapter.
Katie and I have tabled, held numerous information sessions, and a kick off event  to let people know that it is "Sweet to be a Theta"! We were very honored to host members from Headquarters, Grand Council, our District team and alumnae in Nashville during this time while they assisted us in our colonization process. We had over 200 women sign up for interviews!
We are now proud to say that Kappa Alpha Theta at Belmont has 125 new members!
The entire Greek community at Belmont has been amazing! They all joined us on our Bid day to celebrate Theta's first new member class on campus! We are blessed to have such a great support system.

The last week of colonization, our close friend and co-worker Madison came in to help out with the final push! This picture was taken at our Colonization Kick-Off 

We decided that we should all wear black and gold on Bid day to display our love for Theta.

After Colonization  weekend at Belmont, all of our ELC friends came to Nashville for our mid-semester meeting. It was  wonderful to see everyone! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Belmont University

The Belmont Bruin!
Katie and I at the opportunity to be in a music video for Rodney Atkins!! Look for us on CMT
Went to Evansville to see Emily and Ben! Courtney was in town from Chicago too so it made for a fun weekend with best friends!

Ben let his wife and her best friends take the bed while he slept on the couch! He knew we had a lot of catching up to do.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I brought my Texas boots to Tennessee!

Everyone always says that they will never drive a mini-van, well I don't have a choice! This is my rent-a-car for the next semester, a very cool mom mini-van!! It has automatic doors side doors and large cargo space for all the boxes we will carry!
Our carts at Target getting all of our apartment items! I think we did a pretty good job.

This is our dining room that we have transformed into our home office.We have spent majority of our time here already.

Our lovely living room!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

growing up!

This month has been SO busy! I have been in Indianapolis for almost a month now and I see myself growing everyday. My co-workers have become my friends and my days off have turned into laundry and house cleaning days. Oh, don't worry... I will always be a kid at heart!!   I apologize for not being able to blog a whole lot, but I do plan on posting pictures to let you see what I have been up to!

We were able to take a look inside the gym where the famous movie Hoosiers was filmed!

All of the ELCs at the NKOTBSB concert! It was like we were 11 all over again!

For a team building exercise we were told to find materials scattered all over an island and build a raft. We had 4 hours to build a raft, all get on board then paddle across the lake.

80% of people who attempt this challenge do not make it. We MADE IT across the lake in an hour and a half  on our first try! Grandaddy, Daddy and Taylor would all be proud of me for tying West Texas knots!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ELC Training in Indy!

Well, I've  been in Indiana for 12 days and a lot has happened! Here are some photos from Indy and a little bit of what I have been up to!
This is where I work, Kappa Alpha Theta Headquarters
2011-2012 Kappa Alpha Theta Educational Leadership Consultants

This is what we look like everyday on our lunch break, lots of food and smiles piled into one minivan!

Looking through Kappa Alpha Theta archives, we came across Kerri Strug's USA uniform!
All of my new friends and co-workers at a Risk Management on the Road Conference for womens organizations hosted by Kappa Alpha Theta.

This is Katie! She will be moving to Nashville with me to help colonize the new Eta Phi chapter at Belmont University! So excited to be working with her to provide more ladies the opportunity to join Kappa Alpha Theta!

Some of our Fiji friends from the FEA field staff conference in downtown Indy!