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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crying with joy at Dallas Love Field

This weekend I was so blessed with the chance to go see miss Courtney in Chicago! She is up in the windy city for a fabulous internship in fashion doing what she does best. I knew she was in dying need of a play partner in the fun city, so it was up to me to make that happen. So, I decided to hop on a plane and keep her company for a couple days! On my way there I had an hour layover at Dallas Love field and guess who  had the same hour layover in the same city on the same day... Emily MENKE( Bayer)!!! Of course there were tears shed in the middle of the airport and people were staring at us like we were crazy, but we didn't care! I hadn't  seen my best friend in 5 weeks and she had been thousands of miles away from me in Florida. She looked great, of course, and very happily married. We had a short (too short) visit in person and then it was time to say goodbye again. It was too perfect for us to see each other in an airport and I thank God that he placed that fun and surprising plan in my life. Now, it is off to see another one of my best friends, Courtney in Chi town!

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